Andy Dockery

The Drunk, Naked and Armed.

One night I was awoken by the sound of alarm. Most would think the sound of alarm is a siren but what woke me were the voices of my battery discussing what is going to happen next. Normally I am a deep sleeper due to exhaustion but that is another story. The whispers were hinting to a mission that we were going on. A last minute mission was sprung on us. My mind raced with excitement, I love having last minute missions. The time goes by faster; the heart beats like never before, the excitement cannot be contained. So I leap from my bunk bed to learn more of the mission, of the commotion going around. What I discover is there is a soldier, several ranks above me has gone AWOL. My mind explodes with confusion. How is that possible, what happened? We are in a FOB (Forward Observation Base) on Route Irish in Baghdad Iraq. Where would he go at this time of night, and why? We loaded our gear and were getting ready to set out on the mission when new Intel came in. The intel was enough to let us know this Staff Sargent decided to strip naked grab an AR15 and hopped in a Stage 3 armored HMMWV and…… Well do something. We still do not know why he left. What we do know is that he was completely naked and passed out drunk on the side of the road in a HMMWV several miles from our FOB. Luckily we had been paying big money to a group, well sort of like a mafia; we named them the FPS (Force Protection Service.) These guys were awesome. Again that’s another story of how we created an FPS in Baghdad. The moral of the story is, do not get drunk on care package gifts, get naked, steal your rifle and a hummer and go on a joy ride in Baghdad. Shit gets all fucked from then on out.

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