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Slightly Stoopid doesn’t kick ass because they play their music for millions of fans around the world. It’s not because they party like rock stars and spread good vibes to the masses. And it’s not because they provide your favorite soundtrack to blaze to.
Well, I guess those are reasons they kick ass. Hell, they’re rock stars. But what sets them apart isn’t how much they are rock stars, it’s how much they’re still in touch with being regular people, and not letting their status define them.

Slightly Stoopid Front man Supports Local Fundraiser
This past weekend, my awesome friend Katrina Leblanc organized a fundraiser in Ocean Beach, CA for a dear buddy of ours who went missing, named Garret Rodriguez. His story is a horribly sad one, about a great guy who went up to northern California to work and never came back. The fundraiser was to raise money for a private investigator.
His family and friends demand answers, and the investigator (now working side by side with the local police) is closer than ever to finding these answers.

So, Slightly Stoopid front man Kyle McDonald, on one of his only days off during their extensive summer tour, jumped at the opportunity to help another local out and make a guest appearance at the fundraiser. Not only did he show up, but he brought reggae legend Don Carlos with him!
What Being a Rock Star is for Slightly Stoopid
Talk about supporting your community. Kyle came out, chatted with friends and fans, supported local music and provided an awesome show for all of us in attendance. In between rocking amphitheaters and stadiums all over the country, he took time on his day off to participate in a community event and help make the fundraiser a huge success.
This is the rock star I idolize. This is who people need to look up to. It is one of many examples I have seen since moving to San Diego, of how much the Slightly Stoopid guys support and care about their community, and are enthusiastic and willing to help another out any chance they get.
I already love their music, but getting to know them further as people has made me appreciate the band on a whole different level.

“They say to never meet your idols. Well, I have met and hung out with them numerous times, and it consistently gives me more reason to idolize them.”


Bassist for San Diego punk-reggae band “The StirCrazies“

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